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Roseville Dolly Day

Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show Newsletter Feb 2016

Winter is pretty – if you can observe the wonderland from your toasty warm window seat with a little fire and a refrigerator full of groceries … Nice!  Actually winter is a great time to organize stuff like closets, drawers, and pull out our dollies to have a good day of just, well play.  My dilemma is that with our house staged for sale – there just anything to organize, it’s all in storage, including the dolls.  Sigh.  So what does little miss ‘got to have something to do‘ take on?  Well how about a weekend,  baby kitchen remodel project – to modernize the ‘look’.  All new appliances, a new mosaic tile wall treatment, all new cabinet pulls, a new counter and stool – and it just keeps growing.  So the weekend went by and there are still a couple of days of work left.  I’m having another ‘WHAT was I thinking’ moment.