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Get your doll & teddy bears identified by experts!

This is a classified ad service exclusively for dolls teddy bears, miniatures and their accessories.  It is a centralized location that has been totally revised to make it easy to use and affordable. Whether you are shopping for a special treasure or selling to downsize a bit, or letting people know what you are looking for, you’ll want to add the Marketplace to your online shopping choices.

Looking for a something special?

Shopping Not an auction, not an online shop … the Marketplace is a listing similar to what you might see in a newspaper, or on a bulletin board. When you find something that you like, you will contact the seller directly. Search options make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Need to downsize?

Selling The Marketplace classified listings are an added layer of sales exposure that will work well with your show schedule as well as other online selling sites.  Your ad will be national advertised through our newsletter, magazines, and Facebook. If you are uncertain about the identity of your item or how much it should sell for, you can ask the panel of experts through our exclusive Collector Talk resource.


How it works

You can place single or multiple ads. Under Place Single Ads, you can place a 60 day ad with 5 pictures, for free. For the convenience of placing 10 or more listings at a time, choose the Place Multiple Ads. You will be able to post items quickly with a fee structure that is straight-forward and easy to understand. Once your ad is placed, buyers and sellers communicate directly with each other.

At the Doll Sale Marketplace there are no monthly fees and no final fees.  Ads are free or placed for a flat per-listing fee.  There are no other charges.

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Click here for a Sellers Guide to Placing Ads on the Marketplace.  The link opens a PDF of frequently asked questions.  Still have questions?  Email

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